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There are two ways Netwalk can send transactional emails (books, packages, contracts, notifications, etc.):

1. by sending on behalf of you through its own smtp service.

Firstly type your e-mail address in the settings pane (1).

Then to permit Netwalk to send outgoing mail on your behalf, you must create or edit (if you already have one set up) an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to include a reference to Netwalk’s SMTP SERVER.

The SPF record declares which SMTP servers are allowed to send mail as though it originated from your domain. This helps prevent spammers from sending email appearing to come from your domain.To create or edit an SPF record, you need to edit your domain’s DNS settings.
Below is sample syntax

‘v=spf1 include:[your mail servers] ~all’

If you don’t include Netwalk smtp servers in your SPF record some inbox might still refuse you.

2. by acting as a classic email client connected to your outbound mail server

Firstly type your e-mail address in the settings pane (1) then edit your SMTP’s parameters (2).

You don’t need to edit any domain’s DNS settings as Netwalk will use your email outbound server to send emails.

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