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Netwalk Accounting is a great tool; wired together with Netwalk Booking and Netwalk Management it helps hundreds of Model and Talent Agencies around the world by eliminating the waste of precious information in its passage through departments.

We’re excited to announce that german invoicing procedures are now fully supported by NETWALK ACCOUNTING.

After a long period of development and beta testing, helped by some of the most patient and understanding agencies in Germany (lot of thanks to all of you) we are now ready to make this update available to everyone.

Client Invoices, Agency Invoices, Model Invoices, Expenses invoices, VAT auto setting and more are just our starting point. We’ll go on improving and adding new features to further streamline accountants and managers daily operations.

Today German Agencies benefit of a custom configuration that perfectly suites their needs.

Some info in the following pictures have been blurred to protect customers data.

1. Job doc

VAT is automatically added to Service fees (or agency fees) and to rate amount based on the country configuration of both the Client and the Model.

2. Agency to Client and Model to Client invoices 

Netwalk, depending on the Client and on the Model country and Fiscal setting, automatically generates two invoices starting from the Job numbers:

The invoice for the Client on behalf of the Model (MODEL TO CLIENT INVOICE)

and the invoice for the  Client (AGENCY TO CLIENT INVOICE) that includes service fees and expenses (in both cases taxes are automatically added only when needed e.g. when invoicing to a German client)

3. Model’s Statement 

Model’s statement now include the total rate (in the classic configuration we only include the part of the rate that is owed to the model) and a negative amount that is the agency commission. Agency commission may have taxes added depending on the Model Fiscal setting. Expenses too may be affected by taxes when needed.

In addition, it is possible to select all the amounts (negative and positive) that have to be added to the “Agency to Model” invoice.

4. Expenses Invoicing

Netwalk Accounting has been recently improved with several tools to keep tracks of all the expenses to be invoiced to Models.

If you want to know more about the German Configuration of Netwalk accounting just send a email to



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