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Sending packages with Netwalk is easy!

Just click the “pictures” tab in the model’s details page

Model's details

Click the button “upload a new picture”

model's pictures page

Choose the picture or the folder you want to upload and then click on the “books” tab. The “books” page shows you all the books that are available to be published on the website, so that you can send them directly to your customers, etc. Here you can also create a new book using the pictures you have just uploaded or the ones available into the pictures repository. Click the “new book” button


Netwalk book’s amazing interface lets you edit your books with just a few clicks.

edit book

Your new book is ready to be:

  • Shared with other colleagues. Every Book can be set up as private or public
  • Sent. Clients will receive an email with a reserved link to your book – no pictures are sent via email)
  • Published on the website
  • Added to a package
  • Printed
  • Cloned

my books

Save your time and boost your performance with Netwalk!

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