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Start creating a new job by simply dragging the red squared button “job” on to the chart.

The “job” window will open and you can fill it in with the needed information. The Client’s info is automatically retrieved from the clients database. If the billing name is different you can select a different name from the clients database. This new connection, client info/billing info, will be automatically saved for future use. After “submit” and go to the next window.

It’s now time to add models to this job. By clicking on the red button “add” you’ll be prompted to select models from the list

By clicking on the models names from the list you select the models that you want involved in the job. Models marked with green boxes are available in the time frame of this job. You can easily view a small calendar of the model’s appointments by simply clicking on the red “cal” icon located on the right of the models’ names. Remember to click on “add models” at the end.

Models have been added to the job.

By clicking on the model’s name you can set the model as “selected” and start editing her own specific information.

“add a new rate” to the selected model on the rates section.

Fill the form (some info like commissions are automatically filled in, but you can change them) for the selected model. You can also spread data to all the models involved in this job.

Rates have been added to the job. You can remove or edit them in the future.

You can also add expenses related to this job. On the expenses tab, “add a new expense” and choose the expense type. Then fill in the form.

You can add as many expenses as you want and remove or edit them in the future.

Travel information can be inserted by clicking “add new travel”. Travel expenses will be added to expenses sheet.

Under the tab “accounting” you can edit more information about contracts and/or other.

Under the tab “history” are listed all the actions done by bookers for this job (who deleted “Alina”?)

The Job has been filled with info that now you can send to the models, from Netwalk you can directly do it via email…

or via sms

by clicking on the envelop icon or the phone icon on the top of the day in the chart screen.

Under the tab “warning” you can easily check which actions should be taken (like a to do list): inform the models, remove a model from a job and so on.

Model’s rate have been put automatically in the “previsional” model statement as the job has been confirmed but still not invoices.

In the client sheet, under the tab “marketing” you can analyze models performances.

By clicking on the red buttons on the top of the job window you can export booking confirmations, printout job details sheet and send the job to the accounting section to start the invoicing process.



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