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1. Click on the button “create a new model” and fill it in with all the details required in the new window. Don’t forget to “submit” it.

2. The new card has been created. Complete it with details by clicking on the red icon in every sheet.

3. “General” includes all the personal info.

4. You can add new addresses by clicking on the “+” icon or view any stored addresses with the “hand lens” icon

5. Manage model relationships with other agencies.

6. Netwalk helps you to keep tracks of all the model’s documents by reminding you of the expiration dates.

7. Insert in “accommodations” addresses of rooms or apartments in which models may live or stay for a period of time.

8. Features! Netwalk can manage hundreds of features. A good model indexing make for  better model search!

9. Contract sheet include expiration dates, reminders, hints and percentage.

10. A Model’s card has been filled with the model’s personal details.

11. Now it’s time to upload the Model’s picture on to the Model’s pictures repository by clicking on the “picture” tab.

12. Choose and Upload pictures by clicking on the “upload picture” button.

13. The Picture repository shows uploaded pictures

14. Click on the “videos” tab to manage videos repository and upload a new video. Netwalk is connected to Vimeo Professional services providing the best video management experience.

15. Since pictures and videos have been uploaded (you can upload as many items you want) you are ready to build pictures portfolios and videos portfolios by clicking on the “books” tab.

16. By clicking the “new picture book” or “new video book” button you can edit new portfolios. Select “private” if you don’t want to share it with your colleagues. Select “locked” if you want to block your colleagues from editing your book.

17. Simply drag the pictures you want in your new book.

18. A new book has been created into your books repository. There you can send it to customers, publish it on your website or edit it again.

19. The Model’s card is complete.

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